Roofing Repair Contractors

We can handle all your roofing repairs.

Whether it’s because if storms, animals, or simply age, Atlas Contracting can handle all your roofing repairs. We can make repairs to shingle roofs, flat roofs, wood roofs, stone coated metal roofs and more. Roof repairs are done when shingles are tearing apart, there are water leaks, your roof is sagging, or there are missing shingles. Call us at  (859) 402-5211 and our team will come out and check your roof. We will recommend what roof repairs you need or if you need a new roof installed.

How Do I Know If My Roof Was Damaged From a Storm?

Roof Weather Damage
With time, strong winds can damage your roof. After a hail storm, you might see torn or missing shingles. Our roofing team offers emergency services to come out and inspect your roof after a storm. We make repairs where needed to help you save money. If the damage is really bad, we can even replace your whole roof.


What You Can Expect From Us
Our commitment to customers begins with careful and professional customer management. Our staff is committed to providing the highest standards of residential roofing service. Repair and install all residential roof types, from basic asphalt roofs to cedar shakers. We are a close team of roofing experts with many years of experience, and we are delighted to help the owner and return home and find peace of mind. Whether you need free inspections, quality repairs or a completely new roof, we are a team for work and build each roof as we do for own roof.


After roof replacement

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